Essential Oil Gift Box – 4 pack

For the past few years I’ve heard volumes of information on the benefits of essential oils as an alternative to western medicine. But before the craze began, I had already experienced the healing properties of oils fresh from the plant.

When my son had a stomach ache, I would send him out to the garden to pluck a few leaves of peppermint to chew on. There is something so refreshing about a glass of fresh squeezed citrus. I can’t just throw away the peels. I love to rub the bright colored skin between my fingers releasing the healing oils. The zest is great for meats and deserts and the rest of the peel goes into the garbage disposal where it is ground up releasing more of the fragrance and cleaning the drain pipes.

When struggling to stay focused during long days at work, I’d break off a sprig of a rosemary plant I kept in my office and breathe in the invigorating scent to get me back on task. If I found myself in a pattern of insomnia, I’d nab some of the neighbor’s lavender, rub on my pillowcase and put the rest under my pillow.

I’ve lived in an apartment for the past 4 years managing senior living communities with my husband. I’ve missed growing my own vegetables and herbs. So I was so pleased to find this 4 pack of essential oils on sale at Amazon.  Here’s my review.

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  1. I love the effects that essential oils offer. My favorite is to use lavendar on my feet before bed and in my diffuser. I am able to relax and sleep soundly. I want to learn more about how each oil can help calm, sooth, heal and recharge when used properly. Thank you for sharing this blog and review.

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