Old Enough to Smoke a Pipe?

Smokin’ a pipe

I have fond memories of sitting on my Daddy’s lap, leaning against his chest as he prepared his wooden pipe for a leisurely smoke after a long stressful day at work.

His evening ritual started with a tiny pinch of sweet smelling tobacco tamped lightly into the bowl of his pipe. Then he’d add a slightly larger pinch, tamping again until the bowl was half-filled, and then finish with a third pinch, tamping it one last time. I think he spent more time prepping for this leisurely after work ritual than actually smoking. I watched in awe as he lit the tobacco and the tiny “leaves” would glow. Then he’d take little short puffs and blow out the sweet smelling smoke.

Years later my son, Drew, followed in Grandpa Skip’s footsteps and invested in a wooden pipe. Once I went with him to the pipe shop to smell all of the tobacco “flavors”. He liked ambrosia, which brought back vague pleasant memories. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Dad preferred a similar tobacco nearly 50 years ago

Although I discourage Drew from smoking cigarettes, pipe smoking seems more like a classy social event, a great time to sit around discussing literature, politics and dreams for the future. I can picture C.S.Lewis,  J.R.R.Tolkien and Frances Schaffer sitting around a fireplace smoking their pipes talking about the war, linguistics and religion.

Dad and me
I miss my Daddy

Even with these pleasant memories,
I never had the desire to smoke a pipe myself …
until today.

I went to the doctor today, my third visit within two weeks. I’ve been wrestling with an evil hacking cough for the past month. Since I’m on medical leave due to rotator cuff surgery on February 5, I hopped a plane from Colorado to Arizona to visit my mom, Sally, who just completed chemo and radiation after two cancer surgeries. We could be gimpy together.

My first night at Mom’s, my lingering irritating dry cough turned into a body racking fight for air that left me weak and panicky. The next morning I met Dr. Downing who ordered chest x-rays and prescribed a steroid inhaler and cough suppressant. He was awesome. I got worse.

A week later I returned to Colorado exhausted from body seizing coughs, sleepless nights and low oxygen. I was scheduled to see the TobyMac concert, a Christmas gift to both Drew and me from my daughter, Ashley. We had excellent seats near the stage for the sold out March 18th concert.

I was determined to go to the TobyMac concert, even if it demanded my last breath, so Drew took me to urgent care. I shared my desperate plea for some relief so I could attend the concert with Dr. Rhoads who had mercy on me and gifted with an injection of two steroids into my hip by way of a huge needle. This was supposed to kick the cough so I could see the concert.


No relief. My daughter’s Christmas present to me of prime seating at the TobyMac concert went to my very darling, deserving, grateful friend Shannon. Ashley, Drew, Shannon and some of my best buddies from church had an awesome time at the concert while I was slumped on my couch with my nose and mouth covered with a hot wet washcloth drenched in peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil.

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Culver, a respiratory specialist in Loveland, CO. My husband went with me and we were quite impressed by Dr. Culver’s bedside manner, attention to detail and the amount of time he spent with us. But I was most impressed by his suggestion that I, like my father, take up the leisurely habit of pipe smoking.

“WHAT?” you ask in horror. “A respiratory specialist recommending pipe smoking?” Yes indeed. (Well, more like pipe inhaling.)

I’m sad to say that it isn’t at all what I had hoped for.

First, the pipe was plastic.

Second, the “fuel” was not sweet smelling tobacco but nasty bitter lidocaine, and

Third, I was not allowed to take it out of my mouth or to talk for five minutes after puffing was completed, so there was no leisurely discussion of literature, politics and dreams for the future.

I did, however, get to take the pipe home for a few weeks. I didn’t tell Dr. Culver (and as my friend, I ask that you keep the following confession in confidence), but I plan to run to the tobacco shop in Old Town to make better use of my loaner pipe. LOL.  I’ll keep you posted.

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4 thoughts on “Old Enough to Smoke a Pipe?

  1. Blimey, you’ve really been through the wars haven’t you? Hope you’re feeling better now!

    I’ve never smoked tobacco from a pipe either. I smoke roll ups, used to smoke cigarettes, I’ve even tried snuff. Must try smoking a pipe some day though. It does have a good smell to it – so atmospheric!

    Great article. I really hope you’re feeling better – sounds horrible what you went through!

    • Hi Hannah.

      Thank you for the encouragement . I’m finally starting to feel better. It’s been a rough 6 months but I’m looking forward to jumping back into things. I’ve never been able to smoke due to respiratory issues, probably since birth. I wanted to for years because all of my smoking friends were skinny. But I’m glad I couldn’t. Its a rough habit to break.

      What is your website? I’d love to look you up?



  2. Great story and thanks for sharing that with me. I really enjoyed it. My grandfather (whom I was very fond of) smoked a pipe in the evenings on the porch, because grandma wouldn’t allow it in the house. It was only in the evenings and he had his pipe stand, ash tray, and tobacco setting next to his rocking chair. He would tell my cousin and I story’s while he smoked his pipe. I haven’t thought of that in years…..

    • Hi Adam. Fun memories, eh.

      My mom ended up banning my Dad from smoking in the house so he only did at work and in his company car. I guess I had respiratory issues so was in danger. So it’s funny I have such fond memories of the tobacco pipe. I really think he mostly just played around with the pipe.

      What is your website so I can look you two up?



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