Perspective is a Choice – Strike Out or Home Run?

Mark presenting me with a bouquet of chocolate roses the day after surgery
Mark presenting me with a bouquet of chocolate roses the day after surgery

As I sit on my couch trying to find a comfortable position due to pain in my shoulder following rotator cuff surgery, I find myself so grateful for this uncomfortable but timely medical leave. “Medical leave?” you say inviting a story that was ready for the telling. While carrying a glass microwave tray to the sink to clean in in breakroom at work, I slipped on something and tried to catch myself on the counter with my right elbow to save the glass tray from breaking.

My shoulder gave out and I hit the floor. STRIKE ONE!

But the glass tray is unharmed. SCORE!

Instead, I broke myself.

My first thought was horror and embarrassment since it was around 2pm and there were   probably 30 co-workers on their lunch or afternoon breaks. No one seemed to notice. I quickly evaluated the damage noting pain in my right shoulder and twisted left ankle. I pulled myself up (OUCH, no harm done?) and tried to sneak away. A co-worker from another department came up to ask me if I was okay and reminded me that I had to report my accident to my manager. (You’ve got to be kidding me). I agreed and went to my desk.

Image result for strike three clipartHe came by my desk later to see how I was and to make sure I had reported the accident yet. (OH MY GOSH. Are you an HR spy? Relax already.) So, I sent an email to my manager officially informing her that I had fallen and a concerned co-worker was insisting that I report it.

After several months of physical therapy, my shoulder continued to decline spreading to my arm and hand and eventually an MRI was ordering showing a SLAP tear and damage to shoulder muscles, ligaments and tendons. STRIKE TWO!

Image result for fraying rope
Like my fraying tendon before it tore free

I had surgery on February 5 which revealed that the bicep tendon had continued to fray and tear and had finally split down the middle and tore completely free of the shoulder socket. The socket was cleaned up including shaving part of the collarbone. Would I ever get full use of my arm again? STRIKE THREE???

My husband brought me home from surgery, no complications, and the next day presented me with this beautiful bouquet of roses, chocolate roses. What a romantic. SCORE!

So now what? The bicep tendon was too damaged to be reattached. I am not allowed, or really able, to move my right arm by myself for 6 to 8 weeks. But the physical therapist can and it is not fun. Then the long road of physical therapy. Besides needing my right hand for my job at work, I play piano, paint, garden, assist my husband with remodeling projects, love on babies in the church nursery … I need my right arm.

But guess what??? For years I’ve been encouraged to publish my witty storytelling skills. These “adventures” focus on the comical side of personal challenges in health, family and community. This accident has given me the time to research options, get to know some of the blogging community, set up a website and nail down some options to generate a little side income via e Commerce. HOME RUN!

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4 thoughts on “Perspective is a Choice – Strike Out or Home Run?

  1. Great perception/ interpretation of the situation. There would have been no need crying over spilled milk. I am happy you choosed to be positive. I have been learning to turn the not so good things in my life into exciting stuff. It’s a working progress but I know I am happy now that I don’t dwell on the negative. Great story and hope you get better soon.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your fall and I hope you are feeling better. I do love your sense of humor and positive spirit about the whole situation. Most people would be really depressed and feeling down on themselves, and you are making the most out of the situation and embarking on a new writing journey. Keep on writing and keep up the positive attitude. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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