Spring is in the Air

20160403_151307Spring is in the air. Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed our first motorcycle trip of the year. It was so perfect. around 70 degrees, comfortable for full helmets and jackets.

Everything is greening up since the snow did a deep watering the past few weeks. Since we are in Colorado, trees and bushes are just now budding. Daffodils and grape hyacinth are blooming. The crabapple blossoms will open soon. I love this time of year.

When my husband and I had been married for a year, we moved from Santa Cruz, California to Eugene, Oregon for his job as an associate pastor. We renting one side of a roomy duplex.
There was a little garden area out back so Mark and I did some research on testing and preparing the soil and on vegetables that would grow successfully in our area. Mark turned the soul with a shovel, adding fertilizer, and we planted tomatoes, zucchini, squash and green onions in our first family garden.

Mark and I discovered that working together to prepare the soil, plant the seed, water and fertilize the plants and harvest the fruit was our bonding time, our stress reliever. and we were blessed again when we discovered that we were expecting our first child, a baby girl, who was born as we were preparing our second garden.We bought our first home, a fixer upper in Seaside, California where we would transplant roses and bulbs that were hidden under huge shade trees. We also learned how to prune various trees, vines and bushes.

In 1997, we built a home in Longmont, Colorado, where we raised our children. We had 1/3 of an acre on a cul de sac which allowed us the joy of planting apple trees, grape vines, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, rhubarb, corn, beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, greens and HERBS. We gradually built raised beds with a sprinkler system to cut down on caring for such a large area. We also planted 25 trees, over 100 bushes, a beautiful lawn, roses, annual and perennial flowers and a variety of bulbs so there would been blooms from February through October.

There is something about getting your hands in the dirt that brings healing. I was so excited as I watched our hard clay are change to wonderful worm filled soil over the years as we rotated crops to feed the earth. I love the smell of earth, peat moss, fresh cut grass and yes, even fertilizer.

226392_10150290238837942_5354405_nThis love of caring for the earth and its clothing of trees, plants, grass and flowers has carried over into other areas of my life. I love people. I assume I should like you and you should like me. We are valuable, made by the Creator, in His image, to enjoy Him and everything he has provided for us on this earth. How can we reject the one who created the shining sun and twinkling stars, the vast sky and cottony clouds, the majestic mountains, roaring rivers and splendid seas, an vast variety of  trees and plants to shelter and feed us,  animals in all shapes sizes with their clothing of fur, feathers and scales as a gift for us to care for and enjoy. 

Ah, but the most incredible creation of all is YOU and ME. We have been charged to join together as a family to care for this beautiful abundant creation. If you haven’t experienced that joy of running your fingertips across the soft fur of a puppy or kitten, the cool soft scales of a snake (don’t freak out, just hang with me) or the soft feathers of a bird, then its time. Start with a pet store. You’ll find healing in caressing one of these animals that was created for you to care for and enjoy.

petting-a-leopardBut this idea of planting, watering and harvesting carries further. My desire is that everyone comes to recognize the life that God has given us. He created us to be whole, to love Him because He first loved us, to love each other and to love who He made us. We are all on a journey. Some reject the idea of a Creator and cannot comprehend the truth that a perfect God could love proud, insecure, angry, bitter, selfish, messed up us. So we reject him. Maybe we just want to be our own God. Is this you?

Let me plant a SEED of hope: God believes in YOU even if you don’t believe in HIM. He can handle it. He’s just waiting for you to surrender. You can wait and fight or you can join me in looking forward to each day and all the excitement it has to offer.

young-woman-reading-bible-300x200Others are looking for truth. They know there has got to be something more to life than the daily druggery of work or school, or the sometimes painful challenges of relationships. They are looking for truth, for life, for authenticity, for joy. Is this you?  The SEED has been planted.

Its time for some WATER and FERTILIZER. Learn about God’s amazing love and sacrifice for you. The Bible is simply a recording of God’s people sharing His heart for us. I love the New International Version and the Book of James is a great place to start.

And then there are those who have decided to embrace truth, to accept the God of the universe as their personal Lord and Savior. They have embarked on the great adventure which will break off years of wrong thinking replacing it with a love for people, healing from pain and disillusionment, passion to use the gifts and talents God has given up and the power to face each challenge that comes our way. Is this you? Welcome to the Harvest.

Its time for YOU to go out and start the whole process over again. PLANT…WATER…HARVEST!

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  1. So interesting. I always thought I was a little weird for liking the smell of dirt, fertilizer, miracle grow, etc… I love planting and watering and watching for evidence of new growth in all that I plant, whether it be spiritually or realistically. Albeit pruning is never easy, the outcome is miraculous. New life, new colors, new smells, new growth! That’s exciting!

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